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Headless Man Spotted During NCCC Mall in Davao City on Fire

Recently, the NCCC mall in Davao City has caught fire on Dec. 23, 2017. During that time, authorities were still investigating the cause of the tragedy. Now, another development has caught the public’s attention.

It featured a snapshot of a seemingly headless figure standing in front of the mall as it was being doused by water. The picture was shared by Facebook user Andrian Karlouie Alvero, where it has currently gained 1,900 likes and reactions as of this writing. 

He encircled the figure to emphasized his point. Although it cannot be thoroughly determined if the man was indeed headless, it alarmed the netizens who thought that it was a creepy shot.

Some said that the figure might have been a soul whose body was probably burned inside the NCCC mall. The skeptical ones said that the picture might have been edited to scare the online community.
According to an additional report from Sunny Side Manila, it might have been the Grim Reaper himself. They cited that he was probably waiting to take the souls of the ones who perished in the fire.

Although the last theory seemed outrageous, the netizens’ thoughts and reactions indicated that the picture disturbed them in such a way that they produced lots of speculations.
The source also cited that the one who uploaded it had no reason to edit the picture since he only took it to document the NCCC mall fire.

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