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LOOK: Babaeng Nanampal ng Taxi Driver, Nagpublic Apology Na

Earlier this week, a young woman earned the ire of people online after being spotted slapping an old taxi driver following a road rage in Quezon City. In a short video that spread like wildfire on Facebook, she was seen confronting and shouting at a taxi driver who dented her car. Some people who came across the video recognized the woman and identified her as Cherish Sharmaine Interior

In a previous story, we reported that the appalling incident occurred along Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. Virgilio Murillo Doctor, the old taxi driver, was driving alongside Cherish Sharmaine Interior’s car when the former accidentally bumped the latter’s vehicle.

Instead of settling the matter peacefully, Interior got off from her car and started confronting the taxi driver in a scandalous tone. When the frightened taxi driver refused to step down from his car, Interior resorted to violence.

The person who was taking the video caught the moment when the woman reached over to the taxi and slapped the driver. This act of violence to the elderly did not sit well with the people online.

To address the public backlash that has been bombarding her these past few days, Cherish Sharmaine Interior finally expressed her side of the story. The VXI call center employee finally issued a public apology following a backlash on social media. Using an alternative Facebook account, Interior pleaded netizens to spare her family from the hate. She was quoted as saying:

“Somebody reported my spare facebook account and copied my apology on their Facebook page. This is Cherish Sharmaine Interior. I repeat, I have no Facebook page. I’m not that dumb to create a fanpage, post the pictures of myself and my boyfriend, then post more hurting messages pa to add insult to injury or to make you hate me even more. I have published an apology which was copied by that Facebook page but the truth still remains: I AM SORRY.

Spare my relatives, my office, and my workmates. Someone tagged the name of the company I work in and commented on some of the posts there. Please leave them alone. And please, those people who also have the Interior surname and who you guys are bullying, are not in anyway related to me. If you want to bash me, I am willing to accept that. Just leave the innocent people alone. I am doing things to make up for my mistake, trying to reach out to manong taxi driver. I am facing an imminent termination and possibly blacklisting in other companies, and I hope you guys are happy. I do not know if I will land on any other job – rendering the effort, time and money we spent in school useless. I do not know how to stand up and get myself together after this. I believe I deserve it, but please accept my apologies.”

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