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Mensahe ng Single Mom sa mga Lalaki Nag-viral sa Social Media

Despite living in the modern era, we dwell in a society wherein having children out of wedlock is still looked down upon. Having a child before getting married is considered inappropriate and even immoral by some people. It is especially degrading for single mothers, who have to deal with people’s judgmental inquiries and unsolicited advice regarding their morals. But one single mom has had enough.
A woman named Kim Estrada shared how she endured discriminating remarks from men on social media who judged her for being a single mom. With a sarcastic yet straightforward tone, the young mother defined what was wrong with today’s society.
Aside from the challenges of raising a child at a young age, Kim also had to deal with deprecatory taunts and remarks from people around her. Because of her young age and lack of experience, many people deemed her unfit to raise a child on her own. However, this young single mom is slowly erasing that stereotype.
In a viral Facebook post she shared last November 29, Kim was quoted as saying:
“Wag may anak pre. Hanap ka. Madami pa matino dyan.” I didn’t know na pag may anak ka pala considered ka na as hindi matino. Bakit ganon? Paano? I guess mas matino nga yung mga babae na walang anak kasi if matino ka bakit ka mag kakaanak tapos wala kang asawa? Yuck noh?”
She also challenged the widespread notion that most single mothers were abandoned by their baby’s father. After firing her opening salvo, Kim’s post took a lighter turn when she introduced her lovely daughter, Maria Adriana.
Apparently, her four-year-old daughter is what prompted her to endure the taunts from judgmental people around her:
“Meet my lovely 4 y.o daughter, Her name is Maria Adriana and she’s a very lovely, sweet, kind, and smart kid. She’s my life.
I’ve been a single mom for 3 years and guess I’d rather be categorized as “hindi matino” than lose her. I’d rather be a single mom kesa mag tiis sa relationship na niloloko para lang masabi na buo yung family ko. I’d get pregnant over and over again and I’ll go through all the pain just to have her.”
Because of her sincere and inspirational story, the proud single mother’s post was celebrated all over social media! Many people echoed her sentiments and condemned the men who judge single mothers like her. As of writing this, her post has already received more than 30,000 likes and 10,000 shares!

source; TNP

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