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Pinoy Men Carrying Lechon Amid Flood In Cagayan Goes Viral

CAGAYAN DE ORO – These Pinoy men from Cagayan De Oro carrying Lechon Baboy amid the flood waters went viral as it crosses the social media platform.

Filipinos are definitely known for their resilience.

This is because of the toughness they always show despite the difficulties brought by the calamities they have gone through.

They could smile and laugh amid danger, and even wave at the camera even situated on top of their houses submerged in flood.

As much as everyone is very well aware of, the Philippines every year is hit by numerous storms causing floods and other disasters.

But this had never been an excuse for the people to stop celebrating an occasion especially Christmas.

Recently, the tropical storm Vinta has hit the country affecting some parts of it.


It has dumped so much rain the past days causing a flood that could even reach the waist.

And a certain netizen, Terrence Maceren from Facebook has posted and shared photos of two men carrying lechon as they cross the waters.

The post has garnered so much interest and attention in social media.

Numerous netizens have commented on the post.

Some comments have indicated how happy spirited the Pinoys are for at such attitude.

But, on a serious note, some netizens got bothered as the lives of these two men in the middle of the water are possibly in danger.

And the unwrap food could easily be contaminated as it was exposed to the outside surroundings.

However, with the vibe that the Christmas season is bringing to the people, the thought of determination on the photo has made lots of people smile and lots of hearts touched.

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