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Isang Lola Ang Nanawagan Sa Kanyang mga Anak at Ipakita ang Kanyang Kalagayan Ngayon

Here in the Philippines, we were raised to be tight-knit with our relatives, especially our immediate family. Despite the constant arguments and misunderstandings, they are the ones who will be there for you when you are down on your luck. In fact, most of us still live together with our kin no matter how old we are proving once and for all that our family is important to us. Sadly, even though this is the culture in our country, there are a few people who are not lucky enough to be showered with love and care from their own flesh and blood. Such is what happened to an elderly woman who is now going viral on social media due to her unfortunate situation.




A netizen named Marivic Britanico shared a heartbreaking Facebook post about the situation of an old lady named Rebecca Advento Villaneuva. The accompanying pictures of the viral post showed the shocking living conditions of this poor woman.

The first photo showed Rebecca on the ground. According to the post, she is unable to walk which is why she has to drag herself from one place to another. It gets worse when the rain comes because Rebecca can’t protect herself from the downpour causing her to get drenched. The pain on her face is evident in her photos.

Marivic called out to Rebecca’s brothers Daniel Advento and Renato Advento as well as her children Marvin, Lea, and Aurea to help out their loved one before it’s too late. The concerned netizen, along with all the other people who saw her post, is hoping that the woman’s family members would step up and take care of Rebecca.

Most netilzens lashed out and directed their anger towards the children who are nowhere to be seen while their mother is living a difficult life. There were comments reminding children to take care of their parents because they are the ones who gave everything and sacrificed for them to have a life.

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