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Kilalanin Ang Mga Miyembro ng Ex Battalion Na Nagpasikat sa Kantang 'Hayaan Mo Sila'

Have you heard of the song 'Hayaan Mo Sila' by the group Ex Battalion? It has been making its rounds in the airwaves and leaving many with an LSS or last song syndrome.

via Spotify

Touted as the newest hit song of the new year, this jam can be heard in streets anywhere and is being dubbed the new anthem of those who are heartbroken. The hit is sung by Ex B or Ex Battalion.

So what is the song about? It talks of a guy who is heartbroken, while his friends are telling him to stop wallowing and move on. The song was just released last November and it went straight to top the charts. To prove the song's reign, its video has garnered millions of views on YouTube.

via YouTube/Ranj C

A popular dance group, Rockwell, has also choreographed steps for the song. They even made the hashtag #HayaanMoSilaDanceChallenge trend. Many netizens have uploaded their own versions as well, shot in different locations--even in Italy and the US!

One of the guys featured in the video, Eugene Divino, was said to have deeply rooted feelings about the song. He has experienced the hurt and sadness that the lyrics is talking about.

via Philippine Viral

In other news, a source has reported that the video was banned on YouTube because the song copied the beats from another song: 'One Kiss' by Diamond Style.

With lyrics that appeal to many because of an experience that is familiar to them, the song is indeed poised to be a hit that many people (of all ages) will be singing for a long time. It looks like the dance challenge is also here to stay. Many people still continue to submit their version.

What do you think of the song? Did it appeal to you like how it affected the people featured in the video? Is it your last song syndrome as well?


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