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NAKU! Mga Estudyante Pinagsasampal Ng Guro Sa Harap Ng Buong Klase!

A teacher is supposed to be a student's second parent because they spend most of their time in school for several years in their lives. What happens if it's the opposite and the teacher starts harming the students? You will see that in our video for today.

via Facebook/infogorontalo

There have been many videos of teacher-student violence on the internet but it doesn't mean that people should tolerate it. Many countries have concerns like this. Some even have students attacking teachers.

The video starts with the teacher hitting one of the girl students. She was slapping her face several times. The poor student could not do anything but to accept the blows.
via Facebook/infogorontalo

The teacher then proceeded to slap the second girl in the face. Like the first student, she could not do anything but to accept the "punishment" that was being given to them.

It is unknown what the three girls are being punished for because the video started with them already in front of the class. What could they have done to merit such "punishment"?

It was also a little bit weird that the sound effect while the video is being recorded, is that of a mobile game. Possibly because the student who took the footage was afraid to get caught? We will never know.
via Facebook/infogorontalo

Violence is never the answer, especially in a learning institution. This is a place where young minds are supposed to be cultivated to prepare them for life outside of school but in some places, instances like this are unavoidable, just because it has been some sort of norm of discipline for them.

What do you think if the video? If you were one of the students in the classroom, what would be your next action after witnessing something like this? Would you tell your parents or ask for help from other school authorities?


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