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OMG! Membro ng K-Pop Star Namalengke sa Q-Mart?

It’s pretty rare to see celebrities going to wet market to shop for groceries since they all have the people to do it for them. Meanwhile, here is K-Pop star Bambam spotted in Q-Mart doing the groceries. Take a look his photos.

Looking muscular in his muscle tee, Got7’s Bambam looks a bit amazed going around the Q-Mart to shop for food. Little did he know that a fan recognized him and spread the news online that he went to the wet market to do the grocies.

The lucky fan who saw Bambam in flesh at the said wet market is Ionne Shin. The fan uploaded Bambam’s photos immediately after she saw the K-pop star.

The four photos showed Bambam visiting various stores to buy veggies and meat. He even pose with the item he purchased which really made him look so adorable.

According to Ionne as mentioned on her post’s caption, Bambam was in the wet market to shoot for a TV advertisement. Probably, for a Thai ad based on the shirt he was wearing printed with Thai characters.

At first, Ionne thought that her imagination was just playing on her as she saw Bambam in the wet market the same time she was there to also do some shopping. Fortunate enough, she got the opportunity to come closer to the star and take photos of him.

Going through the comments, of course, many felt envious to Ionne because of the very rare opportunity she experienced. However, many fans were not conviced with the photos as they believed that those were taken in Thailand not in the Philippines.

After seeing the photos, do you think these were taken in the Philippines?



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