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UNBELIEVABLE: 5 Years VS 2 Weeks, Ipinagpalit ni Mister Ang Kanyang Misis sa Isang Officemate

Wobbly legs, pounding heart, flip-flopping stomach. Feelings of anger, shock, hurt, disappointment, and disbelief. What has caused this range of both physical and emotional responses? Betrayal. Betrayal happens in a marriage when there is infidelity, abuse, lies, lack of support, broken promises, secrets told, snooping or stealing. Here are some suggestions for beginning the healing process of support, broken promises, secrets told, snooping or stealing.

Ultimately, we have to take full responsibility for who we choose to love and who we choose to trust. If you frequently fail at finding people worth trusting, it may mean that early in life, your instincts were damaged by those entrusted to make you believe that the world is a safe place. If you come from a family where you were betrayed through incest, abuse, or other serious violations of trust, you may be unconsciously drawn to someone who is more likely to betray you.

Recently, one story goes viral after a girl confesses about the betrayal that his husband done to her.  The girl shared that after a lot of suffering from there relationship, her husband left her and flirted to another girl who has been his husband's office mate. Read her full story below.



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