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WATCH: Babae Pinaghahampas Ni Mister Sa Ulo Dahil Nahuling Ibang Lalaki sa Kwarto

A wife had to unfortunately face the wrath of a scorned husband after discovering that she had cheated on him.

via YouTube/hassan saad
Usually, videos of cheating spouses shows a wife catching her husband with a mistress and then attacking him or the other woman. It is somewhat rare for a husband to to catch his wife and then attack him like this footage we have here.

The video started off showing several people inside a room with the husband pulling his wife to sit down because she was on the floor. He is obviously mad and was trying to contain himself until he suddenly started whipping her on the head with what looked like a garment of some sort.
via YouTube/hassan saad

The woman started crying in agony but the husband cannot calm himself down and reached for a belt. He then started hitting the woman several times, not listening to her pleas. This lasted for a few minutes until the husband approached another woman.

She could be possibly be the wife's friend who knew about the extra marital affair. The husband also hit the friend with the belt.

The husband was approaching his wife again to probably start hitting her again, when a guy friend intervened. That's where the video ended.
via YouTube/hassan saad

It is unclear what happened next because there were no other videos uploaded but surely, the wife should have learned her lesson from what had happened.

Looking into the situation while taking gender equity into consideration, one could not easily condemn the husband for losing his temper like that. The actual extent of the cheating was also not explained in the video.

Although not advocating for violence, it can be seen that the husband was acting on impulse and human nature. What do you think of the video? Do you think it was justifiable for the husband to hit his wife like that?


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