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11 Pinakanakakatakot Na Ganap Na Narecord Ng Camera!

There are things that the naked eye cannot see. What do you do if there are some things that only a recoded footage can reveal? Here are 11 of the scariest ones.

11- A girl named Katie's home is broken into by three people. She is even tied up by someone she thought she knew. The housebreakers proceeded to steal her things but her fake friend was apprehended and arrested. Although, the two men were never identified.

10 - A girl who was singing to herself while laying in bed was weirdly snatched by something--an impossibly long arm with very swift speed. The girl shrieks in fear and the narrator said that he sincerely hopes that the video is not real.

9 - A three-year-old was claiming to be seeing ghosts every night, so his dad placed a camera in his room. The dad gets a shock when he reviews the footage, as some sort of light was floating on his other son, a boy who was barely two years old.

8 - A baby monitor has been picking up weird interference. The question is, if these voices belong to humans. It sounds warbled but it could be possible that it is just receiving signal from a nearby wavelength signal from trucks passing by.

7 - A lady's home is visited by an armed intruder, who entered through a side door. He takes cash and jewelry and proceeds to go into another home, just four miles away. He rings the doorbell but when no one answered, he kicked his way inside and steals more valuable stuff.

6 - A father captured something hovering above his child while sleeping and nobody has been able to explain what it was.

5 - A man has been seeing a floating orb of light in his home every morning. Netizens have mixed opinions about it--from paranormal activity, to a speck of dust, and CGI.

4 -  A woman is babysitting her toddler niece but she sees her fallen asleep in a twisted headstand. Could this be a possible possession or just a really weird sleeping position?

3 - A mother receives screenshots on her phone. It shows a tall man she has never seen before. Her daughter's crib is in the background. Police arrived but no one was found inside at home. This is still an active case.

2 - A woman has a dog with kidney failure, so she has a camera at home for when she's away for work. To her surprise, she logs into her nanny cam and sees a still photo of a sick girl in bed, which was all she could see for a full 24 hours, instead of her own home and her sick dog. Could this be a software glitch or was the girl sending the woman a message?

1 - A kid is being recorded but when they checked what he was laughing at, they hear a weird noise that family members recognized. It was of their dead father who had passed away. The relative said he made that sound when he wanted her to laugh. Was this just a coincidence?

What do you think about the situations mentioned in this countdown? Do you know of someone who has experienced any of these?


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