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HULI KA! Many*k Na Lalake Nagvideo Umano Para Masilipan Ang Kasakay Na Babae!

Technology can be such a good thing in terms of how convenient and how fast it can share and spread information. But what happens when it is used for negative purposes?

via YouTube/SMNI News Channel

Today's video is of an airport employee who allegedly used his mobile phone to take a video of a female co-passenger, with intentions to be malicious. Let's get to know about this story.

Could the man have Voyeuristic disorder? By definition, voyeurism is a psychosexual disorder in which a person derives sexual pleasure and gratification from looking at the naked bodies and genital organs or observing the sexual acts of others.

The voyeur is usually hidden from view of others. Voyeurism is a form of paraphilia.

Going back to the story, the person accused is an airport employee. The guy is said to be an executive assistant assigned at the airport.

The complainant was in an FX with the guy, going to Baclaran, when she reportedly felt that he was taking a video of her. This was when she also recorded the guy, to obtain proof of what he was doing to her.

Netizens had mixed reactions about the issue. Some were skeptical that the guy was indeed taking a video of the girl. Although, sometimes you can just feel it in your gut that something is not going right. Then again, we don't really know.

A debate was also started in the comments thread on what women could do to avoid being victims of such predators. Some were saying that women should dress properly. Some made the important point that regardless what women are wearing, there are people who are still very disrespectful and will be malicious towards them.

What do you think of this issue? Do you have suggestions that could help people to avoid being victimized by individuals with malicious intentions?


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