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HULI KA! Mister Ipinagtanggol Pa Ang Kabit Nang Mahuli Ni Misis Sa Akto!

Have you seen a cheating husband protect his mistress from his wife? In today's video, you will witness just that.

via YouTube/Mr Trend

Although almost all of the viral videos of this context are coming from China, we are pretty sure that this does happen a lot in other parts of the world as well.

According to the source, a cheating husband defends an alleged mistress when his very furious wife discovers the two, still in bed and naked together. The cheating husband and his mistress was caught on camera and was recorded protecting her from the wrath of his angry wife.

This particular viral footage has gathered up more than 13 million views. In it shows the furious woman with a group of male and female friends who enter a hotel room in China before she catches her unfaithful husband redhanded.

The video was filmed by one of the wife’s friends and it shows two men wearing black leather jackets, kicking the door open. The surprised mistress is seen standing at the foot of the bed when the wife bursts in, while the two men pointing towards the husband orders him not to move.

The wife and her friends then begin punching, slapping, and pounding the naked mistress, as she tries her best to protect herself from the hits. Incredibly, the also very naked husband tries to protect his girlfriend. At one point he even puts his body in the way so the furious wife could not hit the mistress anymore.

This actually stops the wife and the friends for a bit from continuously slapping both people, as they try desperately to get to safety on the hotel room bed. The clip ends with the husband being called "shameless." It is unknown if charges were made against any of the parties involved.

What can you say about this story? Was the husband right to try and protect his mistress from his wife and her friends?


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