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LOVERBOY? Ito Pala Ang Mga Naging Ex Ni BILLY CRAWFORD Bago Naging Sila Ni COLEEN GARCIA!

Many showbiz personalities have had very colorful love lifes before deciding to settle down with their current partner. Just in time for Valentine's Day, let's look at Billy Crawford's before he decided to be engaged to Coleen Garcia.

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Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford or Billy Crawford has been in the showbiz industry since he was he three years old (back when he was known as Billy Joe) and became a part of 'That's Entertainment' in 1986. Billy moved to rival network channel 2 in 2008 and has been a Kapamilya ever since.

Coleen Ortega Garcia began her showbiz career in 2011 and first appeared onscreen on Channel 2's 'Good Vibes.' She has been in numerous TV shows and movies, including, 'My Binondo Girl,' 'It's Showtime,' 'Extra Service,' and 'Love Me Tomorrow.'

Here are some of Billy's exes that not many people know about:

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Nikki Gil - Billy and Nikki dated each other for four years, which made many people think that they would eventually end up together. She was the last ex before Coleen became Billy's girlfriend. Nikki is now happily married.

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Marie Courchinoux - There were rumors that Marie and Billy were married to each other. In an interview, the French dancer/choreographer admitted that she is indeed married but to another man, a FIlipino she met in Paris.

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Mandy Moore - The pair met when they were teenagers and dated for a few weeks.

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KC Concepcion - It was believed that the two had a long distance relationship back in 2002, when Billy was in Europe and KC was in Manila. KC in now in a relationship with football player, Aly Borromeo.

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Laure Pester - Laure or Lorie is a popular French pop singer, who Billy might have met because of the same industry they are in.

Are you a fan of Billy Crawford? Did you have a favorite ex from his past?


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