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MODEL MOM: 28-anyos Na Maysakit Sa Buto, Ulirang Ina Sa Apat Na Taong Gulang Na Anak!

Many can testify how difficult it is to be a mother. What more if you have a physical ailment? This did not hinder Lucy Canunayon to be the best mom to her daughter.

via YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

Like any woman, 28-year-old Lucy likes to take photos of herself--selfies, as they are popularly called. Although behind her photos that capture her sweet smile, there is something deeper that she has since struggled with.

Lucy is suffering from a bone ailment, which left her to be only two feet tall, despite being in her late twenties. Her limbs are twisted and that is the reason why she cannot stand up. To move around, Lucy has to crawl on her back.

Despite her physical condition, it did not hinder Lucy from being a mom. Did you know, a video of Lucy feeding her four-year-old daughter, Angel went viral? The two are actually almost the same height.

Lucy and Angel are from Glan, in the province of Sarangani in the Philippines. According to Lucy, her bones hurt because of the swelling and it is so difficult to move. But according to her, she is willing to tolerate any pain for her daughter.

As seen in the video, Lucy cooks every morning for herself and her daughter. She carefully uses a stove powered by charcoal, while Angel fixes their bed. Lucy said that Angel is so sweet and only wants to eat if they will be doing it together.

Angel should already be in kindergarten but unfortunately, she has to stop her schooling because of financial issues. With all of these issues Lucy is facing, she has Angel's dad, Vincent by her side.

Lucy was already three months pregnant when she told her family about their relationship. They had hardships but stayed strong and supported each other all throughout the challenges.

Many netizens are so proud and very happy for Lucy and are encouraging her to keep going despite problems that are testing her. What can you say about Lucy's courageous story? Do you know other people who are as strong-willed as her?


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