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NAKU! Misis Ginulpi At Tinapakan Ang Buntis Na Kabit Ni Mister Kasama Ang Barkada Niya!

The saying 'hell hath no fury than a woman scorned" has been proven several times in cases of wives retaliating to mistresses because of their husbands' cheating ways. Here's another story that made the headlines.

via YouTube/NEWS - CHANNEL

It is important to note that in China, it is glorified when men who can support several women, as it proves how capable and wealthy they really are. On the other hand, if a woman is cheating, society does not treat them the same.

The video begins showing a group of women dragging and beating a young woman in a public street in China. It was reported that the woman in purple or the mistress was saying that she is pregnant and begging for the women to stop what they are doing to her.

Meanwhile, another woman who was wearing black high heels, who is possibly the wife of the cheating husband, began to stomp on the stomach of the mistress and was trying to take her clothes off, despite the poor mistress' pleas.

The video is said to be posted in early October of 2017 and was filmed in a Chinese city. It shows at least five women grabbing and beating up the allegedly pregnant mistress. They were slapping her in the face and stripping her off of her clothes.

This went on for a few moments, as they punched her in the stomach, with the wife digging her heels into the young woman's midsection. The young woman was seen to be bleeding from her mouth. This was all captured in a three-minute video.

The authorities did not have any statements about the incident. It is also unknown if the mistress was brought to a hospital after the beating she experienced.

What do you think about this video? Does the reason justify the violence that the mistress received from the wife and her friends?


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