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OMG! Ano Itong Misteryosong Aparisyon Sa Langit?

There have been many unexplainable phenomena recorded by cameras. Some of them are said to be alien-related, some are religious and said to be connected to the end of the world. Let's get to know about a recent video that scared many netizens.

via Facebook/Samira Aissa

The video is posted by a Facebook user named Samira Aissa. It was originally in French and captioned "Une très étrange silhouette est apparue dans le ciel." In English, it translates to "A very strange silhouette appeared in the sky."

The post consists of a video clip and three still photos. Upon playing the video, a white figure is seen to be floating from a cloud in the sky. At first, it looks like a big blanket flapping in the wind but after a few seconds, it seems to take the form of some sort of a human.
via Facebook/Samira Aissa

The figure looks like a human wearing a white cloak. Although no surface of it's body could not be seen, the form when it appears to raise it arms looks very clear. The transformation into the human-like figure is also accompanied by a flash of lightning and thunder.

The video has all the makings of a hair-raising apparition. Do you think this is true? Many Facebook users have reacted about it. To date, it has 7.1 thousand reactions, ranging from likes, the wow emoji, and heart emoji. It has also been shared a whopping 188,971 times.
via Facebook/Samira Aissa

With more than two thousand comments, some netizens have quoted bible verses about the end of the world. Although, many are saying that this is a hoax and the work of good graphics and special effects.
via Facebook/Samira Aissa

One commenter posted that this was indeed a figure of someone. Probably a God-like figure. Another poster said this could be Zeus, and some simply said this could be an alien.

See the video for yourself and let us know what you think.


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