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OMG Asawa At Kabit Ni Mister, Nagrambol Sa Kalye!

In the usual viral videos circulating in the internet, scorned wives who seek revenge on their cheating husband's mistresses are usually seen beating them up, sometimes, with the help of some friends, as well as doing their best to embarrass the other woman.

via YouTube/J JAMCLIPS917

In today's video, we will see a different scenario. This time, the mistress also fights back.

The video took place in Manila, although it wasn't apparent in which exact locale or city. The video starts with the two women already going at each other. Passersby stare for a little bit while they made their way to where they were going.

In the Philippines, there are several videos of confrontations just like this one. Usually, they can be seen happening in malls, one of the most public and densely populated places. A lot of other individuals witness the so-called scuffle and nowadays, they are almost always videotaped--thanks (or no thanks?) to mobile phones.

Who wouldn't be looking if you see two grown women pushing each other and pulling each other's hair, right? Some of the people around tried to intervene but the wife and the mistress refused to let each other go. This lasted for several minutes, until one guard came to try and stop them.

One woman, holding an umbrella, tried to pull the other woman away but they were both holding on to each other's hair. As this was not working, another guard came to the rescue. They were being pulled apart for some minutes.

There were no details on what happened next, as well how the confrontation between the two started. The video ended with no additional information on what other details ensued after the two were separated. It would be interesting to know if they were brought to a police precinct because of the public disturbance they caused.

What do you think of this video? Could there have been a faster way to separate the two fighting women, compared to how the guards handled the situation?


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