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OMG Ito Ang Pinakamalaking Tumor Na Natanggal Sa Katawan Ng Tao!

There have been so many medical wonders recorded in history. The Guiness Book documents these year after year. Here's the story of a 57-year-old woman and her medical miracle.

via healthstagram

A woman in Costa Rica was in the news because of her case. She has been experiencing abdominal pain and doctors were shocked with what they found inside her body.

The woman's name is Sonia Lopez. Trivia: she has a big chance to have her name included in the Guiness Book of World Records after surgeons were able to extract an enormous 34 kg tumor. The big mass grew inside her ovaries.

According to the source, Lopez has been trying to delay her operation for eight years, which caused the tumor to drastically grow bigger and bigger inside her body. The tumor has occupied 80 percent of her abdomen.

The tumor's big mass became dangerous because it has almost crushed her internal organs, including her liver, diaphragm, and intestines. After the operation, Lopez was able to substantially drop 25 kg (4 stones) from her weight. There was also a risk that she could have suffered a heart attack if the operation would have been delayed again.

Thankfully, Lopez decided that it was finally time to go under the knife and extract the tumor out, as it already created so much problems and has also give her difficulties in breathing and of course, could ultimately cost her life. The operation was performed at a hospital in Mexico near San Jose, under five surgeons.

The tumor weighed a whopping 35kg, with a diameter of 5 and a half feet. This exceeds the 30kg tumor which holds the current world record. As of current, Lopez is recovering from her operation and is waiting for results if the extracted tumor is cancerous or not.

According to Lopez, it  felt like she’s living a new life after the tumor was removed from her body. She shared that she felt very sick and would easily get tired when the tumor was still inside her.

What do you think about this story? It was good that the woman survived despite having that gigantic tumor inside her.


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