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OMG Kabit Pinagtulungan At Hinubaran Sa Gitna Ng Kalye!

There is one common factor when wives are getting revenge on their husbands mistress. They always have to publicly embarrass them. Let's get to know the story of one poor mistress who was stripped naked in the middle of the road.

via YouTube/Youtube Video Diaries

As we have mentioned in previous articles, the Chinese find it very macho when a man can keep several women and sustain relationships with them. In China, this shows how wealthy a man is. Although when it comes to women having extramarital affairs, she is looked down upon by the public.

The video starts with a small crowd gathered on the side of a road. They are watching some people hunched over a woman laying on the ground.
via youtube

The woman is supposedly a mistress, who is being punished by embarrassment from cheating with someone's husband.

Around five people were around her, men and women, who were holding her down, while some are pulling her pants off. One person was even holding her by the hair.
via youtube

The shocked small crowd could do nothing but watch. It is actually wise for them not to get involved in a situation like this.

As if the whole ordeal was not embarrassing enough, her underwear was also taken off. That was only the time the poor lady was left alone by the people. She then stood up and gathered her things.

The mistress was about to enter a car, when someone grabbed her. It was not too clear what the person did to her because the shot of the video was a little far and off center. The footage continues with the crowd in the frame and ends like that.
via youtube

There are no other clips or updates about what happened to the mistress. Even the group who publicly embarrassed her was not heard from. Who do you think was the cheating husband's wife among those people who gathered around her?

What can you say about what happened to the mistress in the video? If you were in the shoes of the scorned wife, would you do the same act of revenge?


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