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OMG! Kakaibang Pangitain Sa Langit Sa Israel, Ginulat Ang Buong Mundo!

There have been many mysterious instances that people have compared to what have happened in the past, as accounted in the Bible. Let's get to know about this strange phenomena in Israel.

via Facebook/Mary Miriam Hannah

The video was posted on Faceboook by an account called Mary Miriam Hannah. Upon looking at the account's other entries they are religious content, where people can see inspirational and devotional images and quotes.

Going into today's video, it was captioned with: "Unexplained phenomena happened in Israel today. A circle formed in the sky and there was noise like trumpets sounds. Very real. The holy tomb of Jesus Christ is being opened for the first time. This happened in Jerusalem when they unveiled the marble of Lord Jesus tomb. The sounds of horns were heard and the clouds formed a circle. Glory to God."
via Facebook/Mary Miriam Hannah

The footage shows the clouds in circular patterns, like they were designed to look like that and not how they usually appear. Also, sounds like there are trumpets playing can be heard. Many netizens believed this was a divine message or sign of some sort.

According to a source, there has been a huge debate whether the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is really the site of the most famous miracle known to devotees. The shrine is alleged to contain the tomb where Jesus Christ ’s body stayed for three days after he was crucified.
via Facebook/Mary Miriam Hannah

The tomb has been sealed in marble since, probably  at least 1555, to protect it from pilgrims who kept stealing pieces as holy relics. Over the centuries the church had been destroyed and rebuilt several times, that it produced doubts about what it rally contained. In 2016, the tomb’s marble lid has been removed for the first time in five centuries.

What do you think about this post? Do you believe it was like the same one that happened when Jesus Christ's tomb was opened?


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