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It can be said that love can make people do crazy things. What could jealousy make people do, then? Let's get to know the story of a girlfriend who did something crazy to his boyfriend.

According to the source, a woman cut her boyfriend’s genitals because of jealousy, after he “complimented” another woman. Yes, it it could be also true that a little jealousy should be a part of a healthy relationship but what happens if it leads to something violent?

The source also added that jealousy does cause many misunderstandings, that's why it is also known as a “Relationship Killer.” In this case, the woman literally placed her boyfriend's life in danger after the injury she caused him.

The jealous woman is 36-year-old Zhanna Nurzhanova. She is now facing charges after she cut her boyfriend’s penis.

According to reports, she allegedly slipped her still unidentified boyfriend a sleeping pill and waited for him to doze off. After that, she carried on with her horrifying plan. Zhanna works at a beauty salon and it was also reported that she injected her boyfriend with a local anesthetic and cut off his penis.

Afterwards, she brought him to the hospital for treatment but was arrested when doctors contacted the police. Sadly, even if the surgeons tried their best to reattach the severed appendage, the damage was too extreme for repair. 

How did jealousy lead to all of this? Well, it began when the man sent pictures of another woman to his sister, saying how beautiful the woman was.

He described the woman as an “acquaintance”. Zhanna currently faces charges that are still unspecified but local reports say there is an alleged sentence of three to six years in jail if she is convicted.

What do you think of what Zhanna did to her boyfriend? Could this have been prevented through communicating more effectively in a relationship?

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