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OMG Misis Ikinalat Ang Mga Hubad Na Larawan Ng Kabit Ng Asawa!

Previous articles about mistresses have usually come from China. Here's one coming from the Philippines.

via YouTube/News5Everywhere

A mistress went to a radio show to ask for help because her naked photos were posted online by his lover's wife. Sounds a bit complicated, right? Many netizens have been reacting about this but we'll go to that later.

A woman complained to the radio host about her lover and was demanding for the man's wife for an apology. The mistress said her whole family was put to shame because of what happened. Again, this elicited violent reactions from internet users but we will talk about that in a bit.

How did the wife gain access to the mistress' naked photos? Well, they were all in the husband's phone.

When the wife chose to retaliate because of the infidelity, she surely found a way to embarrass the cheating lovers. Now, the mistress whose main goal is to have the wife and the man punished for leaking her naked photos online, did not even consider how people would react towards what she did--destroying a marriage.

This is why many netizens were reacting negatively to what she did. First, she publicly came out to admit that yes, she was a mistress and was having an affair with someone else's husband. Some people were asking how the woman thought she would gain the public's sympathy, when in the first place, there should have been no leakage of sensitive pictures, if she decided not to enter a forbidden affair.

Some commenters are even urging the wife to file a complaint about the mistress. They were saying that the woman's fault of committing adultery is bigger and heavier than what the wife did because of the situation.

What can you say about this situation? Do you have any advice for the individuals involved?


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