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PANG 'MMK'? VICE GANDA, May Nakakaiyak Na Kwento Tungkol Sa Isang Ex!

Just in time for Love month, Vice Ganda recently shared a story about one of his exes and the sad experience that they went through.

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Apparently, this ex was the "unkabogable star's one great love. Vice started by sharing that he really wants a very private relationship, if ever he has one. Although, because of his line of work, it can't be avoided that people will still want to talk about it.

He also revealed that it became more challenging for him to find someone to be with, because of his career. Vice emphasized that it was harder to maintain a private love life.

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The relationship always ends up being chaotic. Many people would want to talk about it and know the details about it. Because of that, Vice revealed that he always gets affected and in the end, the partnership turns sour. Vice admitted that he always becomes affected.

When asked if he really wanted a quiet and private relationship--probably, only the two of them involve would know? Vice said that the issue does not lie with how many people know about it. A relationship might be known by the public, but it can be private.

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People could know it exists, but it starts and ends there. No other private matters should be known by outsiders. Vice said that in his case, it never ends like that. The public has to dig and learn about everything.

The sad part is, everything becomes magnified. This is a bit unavoidable because Vice is in showbiz. He added that simplicity is happiness.

via abs cbn

The topic then shifted to connection and compatibility. Vice said that at his age, it is very important to have this and be able to communicate and understand each other. He revealed that his one great love, they had that connection.

What can you say about this story shared by Vice Ganda? Do you also have sad stories about some exes that you want to share?


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