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SHOCKING: Kakaibang Huling Hiling Ng Binatilyong May Leukemia Bago Siya Pumanaw!

Death is one topic that many people are not comfortable with discussing--especially if it involves someone young, who is usually expected to spend more years living his dreams. Let's get to know Emmanuel OmaƱa.

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Traditionally, funerals here in the Philippines are accompanied with slow, sad music--it is also usual that the casket is followed by mourning friends and family members. A young man wanted his to be entirely different.

Emmanuel was sick with leukemia and while he still could, he talked to his loved ones and requested for them to celebrate his life (and death) in a joyous way. He did not want the people around him to be crying because he is already gone.

How exactly did he want this to happen? The video of his wake went viral when his casket was shown to be carried by his friends with Abba's 'Dancing Queen' playing in the background.

According to his friends, Emmanuel wanted to be on TV and for them, this would be the best time to make this dream come true, since the young man can no longer reach it after he was given only a few months to live.

His friends added that the happy funeral suits Emmanuel’s personality. He lived a very cheerful life and is the type of person who can turn a gloomy situation into something positive.

Because of the unusual funeral, it was impossible for local TV networks and the online community not to notice it. Emmanuel’s dream came true when the viral video reached the local news and was featured in GMA's 'Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.'

As if coincidentally, the time when Emmanuel’s funeral went viral was also the same time when the movie 'Die Beautiful' hit the blockbuster mark in cinemas. Many were saying that Emmanuel’s story somehow reflects the plot of the movie in real life.

What do you think of the young man's unique last wish? Do you know of people who wanted their death to be celebrated in a happy way like Emmanuel?


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