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SHOCKING: Mister At Kabit, Huli Ni Misis Sa Kama!

In previous stories we have featured, a mistress is often caught by the wife and humiliated in public. This time, the husband and the mistress are both caught in the act.

via YouTube/GURU DADAA

The video is reported to be shot again in China, specifically in Guangxi Zhuang. A furious wife and her friends storm inside a room, to catch the husband and his mistress redhanded and still in bed.

It has been reported that in China, it is glorified when men who can support several women, as it proves how capable and wealthy they really are. On the other hand, if a woman is cheating, society does not treat them the same.

The video starts with several people trying to make their way into a room. It was a little bit chaotic because the wife's group was more or less five people. The wife's voice can be immediately heard and the husband's as well.

The mistress is seen to be trying to cover herself. It looks like each one of the wife's friends has their mobile phone recording everything that is happening as it unfolds.

The wife went to the mistress, whom she started to stomp on, like a rag doll. The naked mistress fell out of the bed, while one of the wife's friends was making her face the cameras. The mistress was curled up in a fetal position, in an attempt to try and hide her naked body.

The wife was still very mad and tried to stomp on the naked mistress again. The husband tried to stop her but the wife's friends restrained him.

The mistress was brought to another room, where she was forced to face mobile phone cameras while still naked. That's where the video abruptly ends.

What can you say about this intense video clip? Do you support the wife with what she did to her husband and the mistress?


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