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SHOCKING: Netizen Isiniwalat Ang Masamang Ugali Ni ALLAN K!

Many celebrities are said be pretending that they are nice only when they are in front of the media. What happens when the public experiences their real personality? Here's a netizen's story about comedian Allan K.

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Allan Quilantang, popularly known as Allan K., is a Filipino comedian, actor, singer and TV host. He is one of the co-hosts of the long-running noontime variety show, 'Eat Bulaga!'

Allan K's first appearance in 'Eat Bulaga!' was in the segment "Bulagaan." Before he officially joined the show, he performed in bars, and in other countries. He became a regular host of the noontime show with his own segment entitled "Allan Nose (knows) Best".

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During his stay in 'Eat Bulaga!,' one challenge for him was to walk from Tape office (Quezon City) to the church of Antipolo City (which had an estimated distance: 16.8 km) and perform in the EB Babes' Bebot division competition.

Aside from being part of the noontime TV show, Allan K was formerly a host of 'All Star K! The 1 Million Peso Videoke Challenge,' together with singer and host Jaya Ramsey. The show ran from 2004 to 2009. Allan also previously hosted 'BandaOke,' with co-host Jaya Ramsey, and co-hosted the comedy talent show 'Comedy Bar' with Eugene Domingo.

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Going back to the incident, a certain Facebook netizen named Haidee Palomer shared a revelation on her Facebook account. The post was made on February 11, 2018, which was in relation to the comedian’s supposed rude personality. The post included a rant about her sibling’s experience when she met the famous Kapuso comedian.

According to Haidee’s post, her sibling saw the comedian in St. Peter Quezon Ave. This was around 4:40 am last February 7. Haidee’s sibling went to ask for a picture but the comedian rejected the request. Many netizens took the poster's side and said that Allan K. should have behaved politely when dealing with fans.

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What do you think about this netizen's experience with Allan K's supposed real personality? Do you believe that the comedian is just being nice and polite for show?


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