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SHOCKING: VICE GANDA Isinugod Sa Emergency Room Para Sa Maselang Operasyon?

Sometimes we forget just how human our favorite celebrities are. We are so used to seeing them--in this case, everyday, entertaining us and helping us forget our problems. Let's get to know what happened to Vice Ganda.

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It was in the news that comedian Vice Ganda was hospitalized and had to undergo an operation. He was sent to the emergency room and will be taking a break from his work commitments until further notice.

So what happened? According to the source, Vice was supposed to have an appearance at the Kannadiwam Festival in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, which had to be postponed because of the medical emergency. Vice had to undergo an operation for his kidney stones, which have been causing him abdominal pain.

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It was reported that the details of the incident came from Team Vice. They made an announcement on their Instagram account. The post has been liked more than two thousand times, with so much outpouring of messages of support.

Many netizens expressed their encouragement and well wishes for the comedian's health. There are some who are saying that it is okay if he will be absent from 'It's Showtime' because he needs to rest. Many viewers will definitely miss him but of course they want Vice's health to be prioritized over anything else.

via journal online

There are still no details on how long Vice has to rest and how many episodes of Showtime he will be absent from. It could be said that all the sympathy Vice is receiving is because many people care about him. This also shows how much of a nice person he genuinely is because many people want him to recover fast.

Are you a fan of Vice Ganda? We are hoping for your quick recovery so your supporters can see you again real soon.


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