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TAMA NA PO: Huli Sa Hidden Cam Ang Among Dayuhan Na Nambastos Ng OFW!

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One way to get strong evidence against someone is to set up a camera and record them whatever bad deed they are doing.

Many OFWs are abused abroad but they cannot get the justice they deserve, because of lack of proof. There have been many cases where the worker has to have the worst case scenario, like being badly beaten up, for the authorities to listen to them and hear their case.

With the recording of videos, it can now be said that they can get the proof they need in case they want to file a case against people who have been abusing them. Here's one example that has been going around on Facebook. The video was credited to Lynchai Hugo.

The video starts with the woman setting up her camera and then proceeding to work in the kitchen. It seems like she knows that her employer will do something to her while she's working. She even looks outside the doorway to check if someone was there.

The woman seems to be emptying some packets of powder into a blender container. It looks like she's making  a healthy drink for breakfast. After emptying some pills into the mixture, the employer enters the kitchen and talks to the woman for a bit, as if giving her instructions.

The woman nods and this was when the weirdness starts. The man starts embracing the woman and she clearly did not like it because she was trying to move her face away from him. The man then tried to tickle her and kiss her.

The woman proceeds to do her job. The guy was persistent and as if afraid someone would walk in on them, he went to the doorway and looked if the coast is clear. He went back to the woman and was caressing her on the waist. The woman was jolted maybe from being tickled or from not liking how she was being touched.

The footage was disturbed because it seemed like the camera fell from where it was placed. There was a few seconds of darkness but the woman fixed the camera again and it can be seen that the man was not in the frame anymore.

After the woman finished cleaning up, the guy appeared again, walking out of the room while he was holding a shisha and talked to the woman again. After this, the woman turned the camera off.

The comments had mixed reactions with one saying that the woman clearly liked what was happening. This was refuted by another commenter who said why would she be taping it if she liked what the employer was doing to her, right?

What do you think of the video? Can this footage be enough to use as proof against the woman's employer?



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