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UNBELIEVABLE: OFW Arestado Sa Pagsayaw At Pagpropose Sa Publikong Lugar Sa Jeddah!

Rules vary depending on many factors. What's allowed in one place is not necessary legal in another. Let's get to know what happened to an OFW, which eventually led to his arrest in Saudi Arabia.

via Facebook/RiyadhConnect

Traditionally a marriage proposal is done simply by the man directly asking the woman if she wants to marry him--not too much frills. Also, the woman is not required to say yes and accept the proposal, as it is up to her if she wants to decline. If the woman says yes, this makes the pair an engaged couple.

For many years, it has been a trend that marriage proposals are done publicly and flamboyantly. This thinking got a Filipino in trouble.

Recently, a video went viral because of a public proposal. The video was of a Filipino couple, which grabbed the attention of many netizens. The public proposal took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

What's the catch? This caught the attention even of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Emir of Makkah and ordered the arrest of the couple in the video. Why? The guy was shown to be dancing in Jeddah Corniche and later proposing to his girlfriend--this was a big no-no in the country.

Many netizens, especially those who have worked in Saudi Arabia couldn't help but agree with the consequence of the man's actions. They were vocal in commenting that when in a certain place, its laws should always be respected and followed.

The whole activity recorded on film was a disrespect to the Muslim culture. Some commenters also mentioned that there was a briefing held for those who work there, so why did the guy still persist on doing this?

What can you say about this specific law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Should the OFW have been more careful an mindful of laws, since he's in another country?


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