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WOW! Fastfood Crew Nag-viral ang Kanyang Moves sa Pagtatrabaho

It is true that not all people really give a lot of value to their jobs but when you see someone who looks like he loves it so much, it inspires us to look at ourselves and assess how we do our in respective careers. Let's get to know a service crew from a fast food chain in the Philippines.

via Facebook/Lyka Mae Padilla Genita

A Facebook user named Lyka Mae Padilla Genita shared the video on her page last Wednesday. She was eating at a Mang Inasal branch when one of the employees who was cleaning a dirty table caught her attention.

The guy was clearing the table so fast but doing in a an artistic, almost graceful way--just like how a bartender's quick hands would entertain clients. While he was finishing up with cleaning that table, a restaurant client has already reserved to occupy the space. He witnessed the guy's entertaining cleaning prowess up close.

Another video clip was uploaded by Lyka and it shows another table being cleared by the guy, with the same artistic hand gestures. You can even see him smiling as he is doing his job. Many netizens were happy and inspired with how the fast food crew is performing in his workplace and left very encouraging words for him to keep up to good work.

The video has gathered almost a thousand likes and has been shared by more than 20 thousand Facebook users. Many were amazed at how fast he can clean and get a table ready for a new client. This is probably why the video was shared so many times.

Not only is the guy effective and efficient, he is also entertaining. We wonder is the guy can be identified, for his many fans to get to know him better.

What can you say about this employee? Would you like to know his secret how he maintains this enthusiasm for his job?


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