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WOW Ito Pala Ang Babae Sa Trending Na 'Airplane Love at First Sight' Video!

Have you seen this viral video on Facebook about love at first sight inside an airplane? Let's get to know more about the girl today.

via YouTube/The PINOY Channel

What are the chances that someone will fall in love with someone at first sight? For this netizen, he felt that this was the chance for him, so he recorded a video of it. It has since been viewed over four million times.

The Facebook user is Tom Sawyer and he took this video while inside a plane. Netizens nicknamed the girl "baby."

Let's meet the pretty girl. Her name is Jonabelle Dela Cruz and she works at Philippine Airlines. As for her age, the source said she is about twenty something.

Seeing Jonabelle's photos in her profile, there is no question why Tom Sawyer would not fall in love with her upon seeing her while aboard the plane. In fact, many people might have her as their dream girl. The source added that she has more than 81 thousand people following her account.

What's more is, there is great news--not just to Tom Sawyer but to Jonabelle's other admirers: this pretty lady seems to be single at the moment.

Many netizens have shared their comments about this news. Some are saying that this is a case of mistaken identity. Apparently, PAL has issued a statement saying that the girl in the video is not Jonabelle.

Instead, she is a married woman and would like to remain anonymous and continue living her private life. Some netizens said that there is nothing wrong to admire others, as long as there is no disrespect happening.

Although, there is surely some mixed reactions. Some are not too happy with what the guy did and feel that it is invasive and not respecting the plane employee's privacy.

What can you say about this viral video? Has this happened to you before?


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