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WOW Ito Pala Ang Girlfriend Ni POLO RAVALES Ngayon!

Showbiz personalities who are in relationships with people who are not in the biz, tend to keep them private. Here's one example in Polo Ravales.

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Paul Patrick Rodil Gruenberg or Polo Ravales in local show business, is a Filipino actor and model who was initially seen in teen-oriented show 'TGIS' in 1996. He started in GMA 7 but is currently with ABS CBN Channel 2 with his latest project 'La Luna Sangre.'

Not a lot is known about his love life but did you know he has a non showbiz girlfriend? Today's video shares about how netizens are talking about Polo's girlfriend.

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Polo has been laying low about his love life. Let's admit it, we are not really updated on who he is currently dating, right? Well, that is true--until now.

The video mentioned that Polo is known for his muscular physique that is admired by many females. In Polo's social media accounts, photos of him and his girlfriend can be seen and accessible to the public. The girlfriend's name is Pauline Quiza.

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According to a source, she is a great personal online trainer and and a  a Vice President for Marketing for one of the biggest human resource services company in the country. She gives an opportunity to many Filipinos by giving them training and seminars for them to go abroad.

Not only that, Pauline and Polo are similar in terms to devoting time to taking care of their wellness and physique. It seems like they are truly meant to be, right?

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Many netizens are very happy that Polo and Pauline are together. They have nothing but positive comments about the couple. In Polo's Instagram account, many fans are commenting about how the two are their couple goals.

Are you a fan of Polo Ravales? What can you say about his non showbiz girlfriend?


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