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WOW: MICHAEL JACKSON Binuhay Sa Cabanatuan City!

Music legends will always be commemorated and living for some people. For others, performing like them is like keeping their legacy alive.

via Facebook/Taga Nueva Ecija Ka Ba? Group 2

Michael Joseph Jackson or simply Michael Jackson / The King of Pop to his global fans was a very well-known music legend. He had so many hit songs and his career inspired a lot of artists to pursue their musical careers.

He passed away in June 25, 2009 at the age of 50 and many mourned this historical date. His death was controversial because many stories were surrounding it. Michael Jackson's death was drug-related and there was just so much speculations going around the case.

Even after he died, his music still continued to do well. In the 12 months after his death, he sold more than 8.2 million albums in the United States alone and 35 million albums worldwide, making him the best-selling albums artist of 2009.

Michael Jackson became the first artist to sell one million downloads in a week in music download history, with a record-breaking 2.6 million downloads of his songs. Three of his albums, "Thriller," "Number Ones," and "The Essential Michael Jackson," sold more than any new album, the first time a catalog album has ever scanned more sales than any new album.

Did you know that he was "brought back to life" in a street show in one of the Philippine's provinces? It happened last December 31, 2017 at a a live street show at Mega Center in Cabanatuan City. Many gathered around to watch the legend come to life. He began to dance when the song "Billie Jean" started to play.

The man was wearing Michael Jackson's signature white shirt and black pants, completed by a black jacket, shoes, and hat. The almost five-minute long video has gone viral since it was posted. It has been liked more than 18 thousand likes and has been shared by more than 20 thousand Facebook users.

Are you a fan of Michael Jackson? Do you think this performance in Cabanatuan did the late musician justice?

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